Work Different, Be Different

SoulTek is changing the way recruiters work forever

An industry that still demands you work in an office everyday. An industry where your worth is based on how many calls you make. An industry that is still working the same way it did 20 years ago. At SoulTek we know there is a better way. Work from across the globe, free from pointless KPI’s, with real client relationships a warm desk and back office team so you can focus on what you do best.

Warm Desks

Real relationships with long term clients, SoulTek already work with some of the most well known companies in the UK, from leading tech companies to household names. So from day one you will have jobs to work.

Full Support

SoulTek has an experienced and dedicated team of back office staff on hand, to manage everything from timesheets to credit control, so you can focus on billing and building your desk from day one.

Real Freedom

No more false promises from companies about culture. Work from anywhere in the world in the way you want to. Brazil, France, South Africa. You decide, and do it all with one of the best commission schemes in recruitment.

Recruiters are forced to work extended hours in an old and out of date workplace, focussing on pointless KPI’s which do not create results. SoulTek is here for top performing recruiters that want to take back control and work for a company that allows the freedom and independent decision making we were all promised when we started out in recruitment.

Apply now and join the SoulTek team.