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  • We engaged SoulTek to build out Player Data’s engineering team in November 2019 after using other agencies for a few months but not receiving the desired results from them. SoulTek successfully helped us hire 3 engineers and 1 Designer in around 1 month, something other agencies said would take 6.

  • SoulTek bring a personal touch to an industry not usually know for it. They spent time with me on understanding the company's culture and what they might be looking for in order to make the best fit between myself and the company.

  • The best recruitment specialist I have worked with to date, his utter professionalism, impressive attention to detail, clarity of focus, and innate emotional intelligence, made working with him over many months a genuine pleasure.

  • Highly recommended from my perspective as a Cyber Security professional. I equally would have no hesitation is asking Toby to represent me as a recruiter for any roles I would need filling

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